Cheap Pool Fencing for Sale in Melbourne

Kidsafe Pool Fencing offer affordable pool fencing for sale in Melbourne

If you are the owner of a property with a swimming pool and are looking for pool fencing for sale in Melbourne, then come to us for all your fencing needs. With over 27 years of industry experience, we can understand the unique demands of our clients and are fully capable of offering customized solutions. Although there are a lot of vendors out there offering cheap pool fencing in Melbourne, but we stand out from the crowd with our superior manufacturing and professional installation.

The following are a few pointers as to what makes us the right choice for pool fencing:

  • We offer attractive and sophisticated designs that are functional and preserve the beauty of your pool and outdoor area.
  • Our pool fences are durable as they made using powder coated and galvanised steel tubing.
  • Our fences can withstand extreme weather.
  • Our pool fences are quite affordable.
  • We offer free onsite quotes.
  • We have a quick turnaround time of 15 days.
  • Our fences are ideal for both commercial or residential swimming pools.
  • Adding a fence at sloping landscapes is a bit tricky; Kidsafe Pool Fencing has got you covered for adding fences near slopes.

Steel tube Fencing is one of our best sellers. It is quite popular across Australia as it is affordable and offers a lot of design flexibility. One important feature of steel tube fencing is that it does not completely block your view of the pool, allowing you to watch the kids when they are near it. In addition, the steel tubes are powder coated and galvanised on the inside and outside, this makes the fence resistant to rust and corrosion.

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From initial consultation to complete fence installation, we are the right people for the job. For more details on cheap pool fencing in Melbourne, contact us at TEL: 0419 554 941.