Pool Fencing In Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Pool Fencing In Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

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The safety of your family leaves no room for compromise. Kid Safe Pool Fencing has been providing pool safety solutions from 20 years. Our professional teams have the required expertise and experience when it comes to safety fences for pools. We will provide the best Pool Fencing in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne.

Safety Is Our Chief Concern

Our pool fences go through several testing phases as per international pool safety standards, and only then are the fences approved for use. In consideration of being extremely safe, we use quality mesh for fences. We also use solid core construction on our aluminium poles. Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, a pool fence can be an effective means to childproofing the area and creating a barrier of protection in your backyard.

Procedure of Pool Fence Installation

Our procedure is quite simple but ends to end satisfying. The team will hesitantly work extra to make the pool safer for you.

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Pool Fencing In Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Survey the Area

Our foremost step is to survey the area where you require fence installation. Our team will make sure that they do not have any underground cable lines for electricity, water and gas beforehand. This will avoid the problems such as hitting underground pipes and cables when installing the new fence.

Clearing the Pool Boundaries

Our team will clear the area where fencing is applying. They will measure the area to know the right quantities of materials you need.

Installation of Pool Fence

The experts will determine where each post goes and mark it with chalk. They will also run a string line so that you will have visuals on the perimeter. After this, they will excavate all the holes approximately 600mm deep.

Our Safety Consideration

We follow strict safety consideration. Our goal is to eliminate the chances of any incident taking place while you are enjoying pool time with your family.

The Height of Pool Fence

There is a specific height for a pool fence that every pool fence manufacturer follows. Pool fencing in Melbourne eastern suburbs follows the minimum height as 1200mm.

The Ground Spacing

We make sure that the spacing between the bottom of the pool fence and the ground is perfect. It won't be more than 100mm.

Gap between Bars

The gap between vertical bars will not be longer than 100mm whereas for the horizontal bars, the gaps will is 900mm.

Building a Non-Climbable Zone

Kid Safe Pool Fencing will build a non-climbable zone around the pool fence. This is to prevent your kids from entering the pool using potential handholds and footholds.

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We always try to offer the lowest prices, but we will never compromise on quality. We offer cheap pool fence cost in Melbourne comparatively.

We are always ready to secure your family from any mishap. Please speak to us at (03)97270691 or write to us at wb@kspf.com.au.

From Quote To Job Completion Guaranteed

Contact Us: 0419 554 941 Or Get A Quote

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